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Posted by James on 2014-02-16 23:08:46

Fished with a good buddy Saturday, we were on the water first thing in the morning, greeted with great conditions. We fished the only area that I know, that one of Guru's was nice enough to show me, and again it wasn't a let down.

We landed over 20 fish, with my buddy getting 60%, and more of the bigger ones. I did get new first double digit fish on the new skiff right off the bat, but then it kinda slowed a bit for me. My buddy got 4-5 between 6-8pds and bunch of little guys. I don't really know if the area we were fishing is more of an out going spot, but by 10:30 it just shut off. Im going back Thursday or Friday, hopefully they will be in the area.

Here's the pic's.


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