Barbed hooks?

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Posted by James on 2014-02-16 08:12:24

I was taught to use barbless hooks and I do on all rivers and on all fish in rivers, except in the surf. After losing my 1st fly caught STRIPER in the surf. It was totally hooked good, but there is a point right at the beach were there is a little shore break, that sometimes sucks your fish over the falls and on to the beach, and even when I used to use gear, that was the sketchy area, that's where you lose them. After losing my first surf STRIPER, in the womp area. I said "forget it, barb is staying on from now on. I've fished with Steve Santucci and John Quigley and both use barbless. Is it wrong to use barbs from a boat? Does everyone go barbless? I hope this doesn't piss anyone off.


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