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Posted by Greg Mau on 2014-02-16 03:31:15 in reply to Outbound Short, again posted by Mel Jones on 2014-02-14 21:50:17

You're worrying about it too much. In my experience on Aitutaki, the wade fishing game was one of covering as much water as possible. My advice would be to take along a floating or intermediate shooting head, back it up with a mono running line, cast as far as you can, and strip like the dickens. The trevally I ran into wanted the fly moving really fast before they got interested. Most were moving so fast that blind (vs. sight) casting would have been the best chance at a hookup. I've seen trevally swim around and over a fast trolled fly as if it standing still. There are queen fish around the coral heads that are a blast.

I stayed at an ocean side cabin on Rarotonga that had some good wade fishing right out front in a shallow lagoon. Had a couple of jack show up for a few seconds but didn't get either to show any interest. I did have a nice time working on a large school 2 to 3 foot of trumpet fish. They don't fight very well, but it was good for the grabs. That was all 8 weight stuff.

While you're on Rarotonga, stop in and get a Cook Islands drivers license. It's pretty much a tourist thing, but it's a cool inexpensive memento. Other cool things to get there are black pearls (for the woman) and an Aitutaki three dollar bill.

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