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Posted by ray hafsten on 2014-02-15 13:08:49 in reply to Outbound Short, again posted by Mel Jones on 2014-02-14 21:50:17

MJ: I assume floating 12 and that your depth is 2-4...I always use floating 12-8 and always OTB, Bermuda Short, or regular 12 Cortland Tropic Lazer on my 11s. I fish exclusively FLA Flats from a guided skiff I use Sage 11 xi3 and RPLX 12 is just tooo much for me shoulders...I used 10 OTb on a 10TCX and even an 11 Bermuda Short(22 foot head)on the TCX last year when I got my one day number of Permit 4 in one day...just try it but I'm not not using intermediate or sinking OTB...for me a relatively weak short stroke caster...I can get 50 -70 foot casts including leader and fly relatively easy in all wind conditions...the short full weighted head does the work to when the KW guide with his reach back to Dade county cast with the arm/shoulder strength/power of poling years tries my set up and a 100 foot cast with 60 plus feet carrying before the shoot...well it's not pretty. When I wade it's with an 8wt xi3 or 9wt One both loaded with 8 or 9 Bermuda Short 24 foot head and I have 20 feet of line out the tip or all 24...if I use my 8 with an 8 OTB Tropical I have 20 plus flyline line out the tip. I have never had any problem fishing in my venues with short headed tropical floaters with the above rods...with that 12 and a 12 wt OTB Tropical floater ...did you ever try(or see) to pole vault with an old aluminum pole and then use/see the first transitional fiberglass pole

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