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Posted by Mel Jones on 2014-02-14 21:50:17

Your opinion please. Two years ago I purchased Rio outbound short, 12wt, saltwater, tropical for use in Loreto. Used it but frankly do not remember anything out it. Am headed to Cook Islands in a few days & am setting up newly acquired 12 wt, Xi3 just in case a GT comes within range. After reading previous comments about the OBS I am likely not a proficient enough caster to figure out, in a short time & under the weather conditions we are having, how much line to have out beyond the tip to cast properly while wade fishing.
Will have a few hours(in morning before wife gets out of bed) on Rarotonga to practice a bit before getting to Aitutaki where I'll get to fish for bones for a couple of days guided. I'm thinking, owe that hurt, maybe I would be better off using my Rio tarpon WF12F. Haven't used it in 5 years, but it would likely be easier for me to get used to than the Rio OBS? Bear in mind, now, I have not even cast the Xi3. What would be your thoughts?

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