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Posted by Joel N Rosenthal on 2014-02-08 06:09:22

My email this morning contained a missive from the folks at Yellowstone Angler touting their latest effort to inspire fistfights, friendship terminating disagreements and shameless bragging-their " 2014 8wt Reel Shootout".You can read it for yourself here:

While I have become an unabashed Nautilus fanboy since my return to flyfishing 6 years ago after a 50 year hiatus-I don't find any particular vindication in their rating of the Nautilus NV as the overall winner.After all, I strongly disagreed with their conclusions in the rod shootout about the Sage Method rod(uplining that rod is a mistake IMHO),and for the 8 wt reel test they took a Nautilus 10/11 frame and used the "high speed" G8 spool.(The NV 8/9 would have been more appropriate) That gave the reel advantages over other reels(line capacity, retrieval rate, for example)and disadvantages as well(e.g. weight, price)-so in effect they were to some degree comparing apples to oranges.
But like any evaluation containing ostensibly objective tests and criteria, as well as subjective ones, it makes for interesting reading and water cooler conversation, if nothing else.I doubt this latest reel review will inspire a rush to sell on ebay by readers of this board suddenly unhappy with the reels they're presently using that weren't rated #1 or #2...Keep your blood pressure meds handy..:)

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