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Posted by BIll Bishop on 2014-01-12 05:31:56 in reply to Re: my belt controller posted by Dan Blanton on 2014-01-11 11:49:32


That looks interesting and I will follow up. Thank you.

I just want to touch on something you said above about dorsals stiffening. These are changes that are evident when tarpon are on alerted. This is the case with all observed fish however it seems to be more obvious to me with tarpon due to size, water clarity and shallow depths.

Some anglers might miss these subtle changes and be left wondering why the fish refused the presentation but the simple fact is they were busted.

For example, laid up tarpon rest head down into the tidal flow at about 30 degrees. The first sign they are aware of our approach is when the fish levels out in the water column followed by sinking in depth. "Busted"! A traveling fish will also sink or slightly alter it's direction.

Noises, like that of a trolling motor, can telegraph our presence however the angler might not pick up on these signs if not observant.


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