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Posted by ray hafsten on 2014-01-11 10:01:27 in reply to Rio Line for Tarpon ? posted by ArtV on 2014-01-10 18:52:16

AV: RIO provides head weight for some of their salt lines that is head weight for each line so an accurate weight comparison rather than trying to compare first 30 feet weight to head weight. Tarpon 10 is 6-20348 WF10F Seagrass / Sand 385gr 39.5ft / 12m Floating; Tarpon Short 20038 WF10F Sea Grass/Sand 375gr 30ft; However the spec on Tarpon Technical is grain wt at 30 feet with the head length 60 feet...Tarpon Tech 6-20035 WF10F Kelp 290gr at 30' 60ft 18.2m Float 100ft 30.5m Back to head weight in Tropical Short Out 6-21832 WF10F Dark Olive/Ivory 425gr 27.5gm 30ft 9.1m Float 100ft 30.5m. My Permit fishing is KW guided and I use 9wt One with 9wt Wulff Bermuda Shorts, 10 TCR, with 10wt Cortland Tropic Plus; Ten TCX with 10 wt RIO OTB, 10 wt Wulff Bermuda Shorts or 11 wt Bermuda Shorts. Last trip past season first two days light wind 10-15 I put the reel with the 11wt Bermuda Shorts on the 10 TCX by mistake and while that 11wt plus, 24 foot head created a tsunami when it hit the water the fish didn't mind at least those days last year...since they didn't seem to mind and I was getting the fly to the fish that day I stayed with the heavy short "mistake." If I was going with a 10/ Xi3 I would load two reels of the RIO Tarpon a 10 and 11 for high wind. For me what I like about two tones is distance measurement for me and spec my guides' estimates...the head just out the tip that's 30 feet, plus nine of the rod plus 10 or so of the leader and fly that's an accurate estimate of a 50 foot cast, rod length plus of next color that's 60 feet...

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