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Posted by Martin Bowers on 2014-01-10 13:11:59 in reply to Re: pros and cons of trolling motors posted by Dan Blanton on 2014-01-10 12:00:26

We almost always have a current in the SW I fish (at least when the fish are biting) and the wind is usually not too variable. I can set a compass heading with the TM in autopilot parallel to shore and a prop speed just fast enough to produce a 0.3 mph motion relative to shore. With my hands free two fly anglers can effectively cover a dock or seawall. When the shoreline changes angle I just adjust TM direction to be parallel to the change again.

A single Powerpole (PP) will not keep the boat from spinning either in gusty wind conditions: you need two. With the TM and one PP though I can use both to get the orientation I want, can even flip the boat from one side to the other if I want..

If you're fishing something more like a lake without current have you tried a very small driftsock out the back of the boat for the trolling motor to pull against and thereby keep a constant orientation of the boat?

With a guy poling from the poling platform it's also tougher to get a second fly angler in the game at the back.

The TM and PP are some great technology that are almost impossible to describe all the details off the water: this discussion would be way more informative for everyone if we were on the water! :)

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