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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2014-01-10 11:43:46 in reply to pros and cons of trolling motors posted by Bill Bishop on 2014-01-10 07:05:08


During the two decades I fished the Florida Keys for tarpon, with my Captain Ray Fecher and a good number of other top keys guides, we learned that a trolling motor did more harm than good. Ray took the electric motor off his skiff and he just poled. As fishing pressure increased and more and more anglers "chased" the fish using an electric, the poons became attuned to just what was happening and began to associate the sound of that egg beater with danger. They didn't just flush off the sound when you turned it on but you could see that they had "made" you and would stiffen their fins and pick up their pace and would more than likely not eat. Captain Ray poled his ass off for me and his other clients and I believe we had many more eats because of it.

I also believe our stripers are doing the same thing when they hear and feel the egg beater churning up the water and sending out warning water wakes. I use my electric almost all day long since it's a must to fish effectively (cover the water- stay in position) but I, like you, try not to change its speed or pitch radically. I don't think they are bothered as much by a steady pulse/sound than by constantly changing motor sound pitches.

I have seen more and more use of "Power Poles" for stopping and holding flats skiffs. I also see them on almost all the delta bass boats - often one on each side of the transom.


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