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Posted by Ralph on 2014-01-10 08:58:49 in reply to Re: pros and cons of trolling motors posted by Steve Birrer on 2014-01-10 08:19:57

A TM and a push pole are both simply tools in the quiver. A pole can't be beat for pushing through/over weeds, moving through very shallow water, or when needing to make an abrupt stop (or reverse) without egg beating the water. You also can't stake out on a trolling motor.

A TM is nice for crossing a deep channel where a pole has little leverage, and as mentioned before, it is really the only practical alternative for a single angler who is moving frequently.Trout and West Coast stripers don't seem overly terrified. Even the ultra spooky trout in Wade lake in Montana don't react much. They will dart a very short distance at most when the motor is turned on or it's pitch abruptly changes, but then usually they immediately resume feeding.

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