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Posted by Steve Birrer on 2014-01-10 08:19:57 in reply to pros and cons of trolling motors posted by Bill Bishop on 2014-01-10 07:05:08

I have a TM on my skiff and couldn't live w/o it for a number of reasons. First I fish with just my wife a lot and its pretty tough to flyfish (in most any situation except when you are staked out)and pole at the same time. It can be done but I ain't doing it.

2. Depending on wind and current a TM can be a more effective way to fish down a shoreline than poling. As pointed out the key is to find the speed at which you can maneuver and maintain decent progress then leave the TM alone.

3. Depending on the size of skiff you have poling can be work and not something older anglers can do all day. I chose a big skiff because big water crossings safety and comfort were more important than super skinny.

4. And most important - you don't have to use the TM. But if you don't have one there are days when you will sure wish you did. If the day dawns nice with light winds then take it off the bow if you think it gets in t way.

5. If the conditions favor poling then by all means do so. A GOOD poler is quitter than a TM. But I have also been poled around by guides that clanked the pole on the skiff or hard onto some oysters (its hard NOT to do that sometimes) and that to me is way more likely to spook fish than a TM.

Redfishing is my game.

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