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Posted by Jay Townsend on 2014-01-09 19:53:19 in reply to Re: Tarpon Supplies posted by Bill Bishop on 2014-01-09 15:04:51


Remember, I'm tying for two now ;) there will be a couple of times Betsy will fish 1 on 1 with Steve.

I'm with Bill, I need all patterns/colors ready to go. Leaders are easy, flies not so much. I've broken down and even tying with some splayed feathers too.

Unstretched leaders last years, so they won't go to waste, the flies I'm tying up are timeless to, nothing will go to waste.

As for 300 eats, hey, we can all dream. Truth be told, if a toad eye gets messed up, I change flies. Whether a 1 eyed toad catches fish or not, I take no chances. I change it out, so there is a leader gone, I repair the fly and put it back in the lineup next time out.

So yeah, I go through a lot of flies and leaders. Often times at our favorite spot I'll go through 8-10 fly/leaders.

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