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Posted by Noel de Guzman on 2014-01-07 09:30:18 in reply to Delta Today with Noel de Guzman posted by Dan Blanton on 2014-01-06 20:26:30

Like usual, it was another great fishing day with you, Dan.

This is my favorite time of year here in the Delta and having to motor around to find the fish was part of the fun for me. Catching solid fish with I-lines was a ton of fun and so was simply spending time on the water with someone who has so much history on the Delta. I learned a lot!

I had an opportunity to cast the pulse disk too, and have to say that you definitely loose distance. But with that said, the disc makes the fly wiggle just like a rip bait or rattle trap or similar lure.

How many times did we want to take a photo of a fish only to let the fish slip out of our hands while letting it rest in the water before the photo, or release the first fish just when we hooked the double or stepped on our lines during a cast and right when some fish boiled around a hooked fish?

The best was after a long cast by Dan, hearing him speaking to the fish and successfully coaxing one of the better fish to eat the fly. He was in a zone with five fish in five casts at one point.

Thanks again, Dan for an awesome day.

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