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Posted by J. Steve "gooch" Iriguchi on 2014-01-06 15:06:19 in reply to Re: your thoughts and suggestions posted by Nick Auyong on 2014-01-03 15:39:46

Hi Nick
Thnx for your input. I am hoping to incorporate a mount on my frame specifically for meters. I used to mount the sounder puck on the lower unit of my electric motor. It was not a problem leaving the motor down all the time. In fact I would use it as a rudder/drag device in the wind. I also tried installing the puck inside one of my pontoons between the outer shell and the bladder. It worked very well except while under full motor power. Turbulence (air) passing under the toon caused a lot of interference. I need to work on this because I like the concept. A trailer? well maybe in the future. I kept my toon fully built (in fact I had the frame welded) and transported it on a special rack I built for my truck.

thnx again for your support! gooch

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