Re: Airflo Bonefish Line and floating poly leaders?

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Posted by Jim Williams on 2014-01-03 15:04:04 in reply to Airflo Bonefish Line and floating poly leaders? posted by Ron on 2014-01-03 12:47:49

I've used a bunch of the Airflo Tropical low-stretch lines. I like the low stretch feature as it improves hooksets and seems to give you more feel during the cast. I almost always upline when flats fishing so I'd be using a 9 weight Airflo on an 8 weight rod. Years ago I used a polyleader when bonefishing, but I decided early on I didn't like them nearly as much as I did when speyfishing a scandi line and similar purposes. This was at least ten years ago and I don't doubt that the polyleaders are better these days, but I still prefer standard nylon or FC mono leaders for flats fishing. I've also found floating polyleaders to be significantly less durable than all the various sinking ones. So much so that I now no longer replace them and simply use a "hover" for those times I would otherwise use a floater. Your post reminds me of the original Airflo lines, the Sue and Paul Burgess lines with the Kevlar core. They had lots of issues, but I loved the way they cast. You seemed to be able to feel everything. They also set the hook really well as there was NO stretch in the line at all. That's all I took on my first trip to Andros back in the mid-1980's. I broke one of them and when I looked at the other one when I got home I don't think it was going to last much longer either.

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