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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2014-01-02 13:05:33 in reply to Basic set-ups posted by J. Steve "gooch" Iriguchi on 2013-12-31 22:55:45


I like an 8-weight for SL and the Forebay; but I have often used a strong 7. The 8 is just good all-round. Light, but plenty strong enough to handle big fish and still fun when catching the medium-all-purpose schoolies. The line weights are also heavy enough to carry large flies if needed.

There are lots of good rods at a range of prices; but if you're looking for good sticks at value prices consider the Redington Vapen Red; The TFO Mangrove (rods I personally use and like). Of course there are others but these are the ones I have the most experience with.

I prefer the RIO Outbound Custom Cut T-14 in 28 feet for my primary sinker (the line used most); and the RIO Outbound Short (coldwater) for the floater for tossing poppers. There are times when a slower sinking density would be best, like the new RIO Outbound Short type 3; but the two most used lines are the T-14 and the floater.

There are just a ton of good reels from high end to value priced. Just be sure it has a good drag for the times you might need it. There are huge fish swimming around in SL.


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