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Posted by Phil Ewanicki on 2014-01-02 09:56:57 in reply to Re: Carp posted by JC Smith on 2014-01-01 12:30:31

J.C.: Yes, I worked for John Forney at the biological field station on Shakleton Point on Oneida Lake in 1960. Determining the age and growth rate of fish was a vital statistic. A carp scale does not provide this information but the operculum does, unfortunately for the carp. We had a pontoon boat with a d.c. shocker hooked to a crosswise boom on the bow. While shocking spawning carp we rolled up a gravid female carp 48" long! I don't recall the age, which was later determined in the lab, and we had no scale with a capacity over #50. Carp live long and never stop growing.

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