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Posted by Steve P. on 2014-01-02 01:54:06 in reply to your thoughts and suggestions posted by J. Steve "gooch" Iriguchi on 2013-12-31 22:43:41

Wow - I imagine if you ask 50 people, you'll get an overwhelming list of needs and wants.

I have an Outcast 9 foot with stainless tubing. Loved about everything about it - including ability to adjust foot rests for my longer legs, and liked the steel storage platform behind the seat.

I also have a Rube Goldberg pontoon custom built (by someone else) to break down to fit a bag for airline travel. It is pretty good but too small for my frame.

Height of the seat off the water might matter to some - if it is high, casting is a bit more effortless and you get less wet, if it is low, easier to kick with fins for micro-maneuvering in a sweet spot on a lake, bay, or in a river eddy.

This may be a useless comment but then again maybe not... I quit using the pontoon boat for short 2-3 hour trips because even though quite simple I found it took me too long to assemble it (blow up 2 pontoons, put together multi-part frame, and strap frame to pontoons). I'm still not sure why it takes so long to assemble (30 minutes plus) and disassemble (15 minutes?) but it would be great if this was a bit faster. I imagine most guys leave theirs assembled for longer periods (carry in truck, store in garage) so this might not be worth thinking about.

It will be interesting to see what you come up with.


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