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Posted by JC Smith on 2014-01-01 12:30:31 in reply to Re: Carp posted by Phil Ewanicki on 2013-12-31 14:59:19

Phil, I can confirm that carp better than 20 pounds are pretty common here in the Finger Lakes! I am sure you know that, do I recall from your past posts that you are an old Shackelton Point guy? Other than the recent appearance of specialized carp bow shooting boats with high bow towers, there is virtually no carp harvest, and no natural predators once they get past something a pike wont bother. Traditionally, most sport fishing for carp here consists of bait fishing on the bottom after chumming them in an area for a couple of days with canned corn off the dock. Its a rite of passage for grandchildren all around Keuka, at least. I caught this fish though in the Chemung River, right over the dike from Corning Inc.'s corporate headquarters building. Some days when I fish there I like to think I am being watched by a half dozen jealous corporate execs. You can stand on any bridge in that area and look down to see big carp turning rocks over with their noses looking for crayfish.
FYI, fly fishing for landlocks with smelt patterns is still dynamite on Seneca and Cayuga when conditions are right from early winter into the springtime.

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