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Posted by Joel N Rosenthal on 2013-12-31 23:36:06 in reply to Re: Loomis reel seat? posted by Peter Prideaux on 2013-12-31 22:38:57

When Loomis had their roll out a few years ago of the NRX's to great fanfare at flyshops around the country, there was great snickering from those of us who attended at our local shops when the proprietors found that the reel seats-especially on saltwater models(6-10wts) would only accommodate only a few manufacturers' reels. Apparently the field testing omitted trying the rods with different manufacturer's reels...So the rods and reels were jerry rigged for test casting, and many models of the nrx's which had been delivered were immediately recalled by Loomis or not rolled out until a few months later. As for the test casting most of the folks around here found at least one model they liked for its casting properties(I liked the 7 wt), but many of us deplored the color and finish of the rods.Loomis promptly addressed the reel seat issue,(presumably adequately) and a year later brought out a more pleasingly colored series of the same NRX series--so you could have your choice of natural grey and a colored blank.
So the question is--is it possible that you are dealing with one of those older first series that had less than perfect reel seats and never got fixed? or did they never adequately correct the issue in the first place? Their original roll out snafu cost Loomis much credibility with many anglers here-and for me I became enamored of some Orvis and Sage rods, so I've never followed what happened with the Loomis rods.And , as you may have read in the posts here over the last few years, many are eschewing Loomis because of their present warranty policy.You might try contacting Loomis to see if they have a fix for you...

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