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Posted by J. Steve "gooch" Iriguchi on 2013-12-31 22:43:41

Hey guys,
I am presently in the process of "building" my own custom cataraft/pontoon boat.
I have owned (up until a few weeks ago) a 9' Buck's Bronco for the last 20 years. I spent 10-15 years prior to that in a Trout Traps 350, float tube. needless to say I have a bit of experience in both, toobs and toons. But, I have many issues with both. So, I have decided to build my own watercraft. I am considering building pontoon boats for sale depending on how my first one goes. SO. My questions to you all, are,

What are the improvements you would like to see in a "New design" pontoon boat? and please, they can be as simple as cupholders, or as difficult as iPhone plug-ins. Just as long as they are serious!

I really appreciate everyone's input.


PS. I am already going to thus far address my thoughts on improvements in the present design.

1) faster
2) lighter
3) simpler
4) more versatile
5) more comfortable
6) more fishable

what I guess I am asking is, what specifically do you want in a new design pontoon boat for fly fishing?

thnx gooch

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