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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2013-12-31 11:11:34 in reply to Any Delta reports? posted by Bob Fabini on 2013-12-30 13:28:27

Hello Bob,
Don't give up! As you said you are, "still learning", so am I. This time of the year, I am normally out two to three times per week. Over the years I have found high percentage spots that often produce on various tides. I would like to let you know that even for the guides and guys like me there are times that the fish just get lock jaw. When this happens, try different things, like larger or smaller flies and really different strips and pauses. Last year I took a couple of buddies out that claimed that they had been out fifteen times and only caught one. So come to find out, they were getting "Sponge Bites" and didn't know it. I wish that at that time I would have been using the Pulse Disc. At this point, I strongly feel that the fish bite and hold on while using the disc and that the sponge bite becomes a very detectable hit. Monday I was out and caught eleven, with only one under eighteen inches. TIP: when the tidal flow hits a berm or tries to get around a point, the fish many times, will be on the leading edge of the berm or the leading edge of the eddie. Try the longest count down possible and slow strips of perhaps eighteen inches with long,three to five second pauses.
Tight Lines,

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