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Posted by russsmith on 2013-12-30 15:52:21 in reply to Float Tubes and San Luis stripers (long) posted by LeeH on 2013-12-30 12:22:20

Yeah one of the first things GES told me about fishing San Luis on the big lake was why he prefers to launch from Dinosaur over Basalt. As you said if the wind comes up you usually have to run against the wind to get back to Dino, but once there you can pull out fairly safely.

The problem with Basalt is the windy days the prevailing wind tends to blow up on the ramp so the wind waves are breaking on the ramp. That's why they semi regularly have to get a backhoe type thing in there to move all the sand and stuff off the ramp. You don't have to run against the wind to get there but once you do it's not at all trivial to get your boat on the trailer, especially if you're fishing alone and have to tie the boat off and go get your tow vehicle.

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