Any Delta reports?

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Posted by Bob Fabini on 2013-12-30 13:28:27

I'm wondering if anyone has reports on Delta stripers over the last few days. My son and I went out of Sugar Barge on Friday and headed up to the San Joaquin, but only found 1 small fish. I'm still learning this fishery, but I was hoping for more. We split our time between the tules and the rock walls on both incoming and outgoing tides. We tried every type of retrieve, at every possible speed, at every possible depth, with many sizes and colors of flies. Before we could get started, we had to coax my outboard to run on two cylinders instead of one, and midday I splintered a fly rod during a cast. Ouch! However, the weather was beautiful, and the flocks of migrating birds of all types were stunning. Having a day on the water with one of my children is always wonderful--way more important than actually catching fish.

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