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Posted by John on 2013-12-30 11:23:00 in reply to Southern Belize vs Bay Islands posted by Guy on 2013-12-28 22:23:28

Hi Guy...seems like everyone has been to Belize but not Honduras. I've been to both. I drove from my house in Diriamba, Nicaragua with my two fishing pals to La Cieba, Honduras in eleven hours which included a 2-hour stopover in Teguscigalpa. Next day we flew to Utila and spent the next three days there. We hired Allen Whitefield for our guide and he was increble. We took his boat across the island through a canal of sorts which was loaded with baby tarpon. We came through on the north side of Utila to, where else(?), Whitefield Bay. Evidentally, Allen's ancestors were English privateers who prowled the waters around the Bay Islands. All I will tell you about the fishing is that I caught my "grand slam" there, all on foot and all within 300 yards.
Would I go back? In a minute! So of course I would recommnd it.

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