Bonito at Catalina Island

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Posted by Capt. Bill Matthews on 2013-12-05 19:53:53

Had the chance to buddy boat with Capt. Vaughn Podmore of Salty Fly Guide Service and his clients last Sunday for a trip to Santa Catalina Island. Capt. Vaughn and I were saying how much fun we had up in the Delta for the Simms weekend, that we needed to do a trip together in our own backyard, so off we went.

Capt. Vaughn has been working the island a lot this year and we share a bunch of info. I knew he had it dialed in since I had not been over in about two months. We both grabbed some anchoioves to use as throw bait to get the Bonito going and blasted the channel. It is about a 27 mile run from the San Pedro to the east end of the island. The run was fast as it was flat calm. I was pushing 38 mph plus on the last 5 miles or so on my 18 ft Edgewater!

We found the fish right off the bat, exactly where Capt. Vaughn said they would be. Funny I have been fishing this very spot for over 20 years and it still produces at the right times. My gal Lori and I had instant doubles on our first cast, the game was on. Double were very common all day long. Capt Vaughn and his folks were fast into them also. The Bonito were not super sized, mostly 3's to maybe 5 with tons of 4's, smaller ones also. We fished the 6, 7 and 8wts, but alot on the 6wt and 7wts. Fantastic day on the water. Lori and I had to head back a little early with other obligations and let fish biting, now that is fun to say....
Great Day with great friends,

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