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Posted by Mike McKenzie on 2013-11-14 21:49:00 in reply to Delta Monday and Tuesday with Captain Mike McKenzie - two old timers having fun... posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-11-14 10:50:56

I've had a great time since last Monday, the older I get the more the fun there is in "fishin' and reminiscin'" except for the fact that the "reminiscin'" gets a little hard when one can't remember details anymore! :-)! Anyway Dan and I had plenty to reminisce about! Dan hardly had to buy any gas due to the all the "jaw power" in the boat!

Dan's report pretty much covered the fishin', It sure wasn't what it used to be but we all know that and the reason why! Water exports and piss poor management of our fisheries by the responsible agencies, period! (End of rant!)

It was great just to be out with an old friend on the waters of our Delta! It's a very special place in my book. If you're not catchin' fish there's plenty of wildlife to watch!! Whether it's any of myriads of birds or Beaver, Otters, Mink or Muskrats, you name it's out there!

As Dan said, I haven't been out on the Delta much for the last 3 years so it was almost a brand new experience for me. I've "evolved" with the Delta for better than 50 years so change isn't new to me because change in the Delta has always been constant. When you're out there on a consistent basis you "evolve" with it however, when one is away for a period of time the amount of change comes up and smacks you in the face! Especially since the increase in water exports and what that does to exacerbate the growth of the invasive weeds like Hyacinth and egeria densa which has sure ruined a lot of my old "honey holes"! On the good side though, the same influences create "other" honey holes... One just has to get out there and find them.

All in all it was great bein' out there for a few days with Dan and actually gettin' a fair case of the ol' "striper thumb"! The pic's with the smiles say it all!

As Dan says we're not gonna' let that much water go under the bridge again! It was too good of a time!
Dan, glad ya' got the transducer bracket fixed, nothin' worse than not knowin' your depth out there!

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