Delta Monday and Tuesday with Captain Mike McKenzie - two old timers having fun...

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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-11-14 10:50:56

Captain Mike McKenzie and I haven't fished together in nearly 15 years. We both were guiding for a long time and just didn't take a guide's holiday to fun-fish together. Mike has been retired from guiding for a number of years but I only retired last year.

Mike and I set plans in concrete to fish together Monday and Tuesday and Mike parked his camper next to my RV at the Sugar Barge Monday afternoon.

Well, suffice it to say we had a great time running around the delta hunting fish and reminiscing about the "Good Old Days"; and catching some fish too.

Monday was our best day with about 30 fish to hand with a good number of legal fish to about 7 pounds. Tuesday was a lot tougher but we still managed a few decent fish with the normal smattering of under-sized fish. Captain Mike scored the two largest fish Monday, a 6- and 7-pounder.

The weather was almost perfect both days and it was just a delight being on the water with my old pal, Capt`n Mike - AKA "Striper Mike".

Mike's experience on the delta goes back to the 60s. He hasn't fished the delta in three years and was shocked to see how much his old, favorite hot spots have changed due to excessive weed growth. Yes indeed, things have changed. It was like learning the delta all over again.

We fished a lot of areas on the main SJ and of course the sloughs around Franks and we caught fish most places. It wasn't easy fishing and we worked hard to get our share; but it was two of the best days fishing I've had in a long time on the delta, sharing my skiff with with Captain Mike.

We aren't going to wait 15 years to fish together again - we both just don't have the time left to wait...


PS: I'm not fishing today. I've got to pull my skiff to repair a broken transducer bracket. I must have hit something which busted the bracket. Man when you don't have a properly operating depth sounder, it's like driving around blind.

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