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Posted by MattW on 2013-11-12 10:44:26 in reply to Delta Invaded by Southland Captains and crews... posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-11-11 10:18:23

Hello Dan,
I had a great time fishing the Delta. Starting with the warm welcome we received at the Sugar Barge to the drive home. The weekend was packed with fun and laughter.
We caught a lot of fish and I’ll leave the tackle and techniques to the experts in our group. I was lucky to be traveling with some talented fisherman.
I was amazed with all the fishable water we saw and from what you told me we only saw a small fraction of what the Delta has to offer. I can’t wait to get back and explore the area some more.
Like I said we caught a lot of fish and we caught a few good sized ones but this picture is my favorite. I don’t think I caught a smaller fish than this one. But it fought like a “chicken Hawk” (An inside joke) and he was my first West Coast striper.
Thank you to the board members that posted fly recommendations and sent private emails with tips they were helpful and made my first of many Delta experiences a success.


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