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Posted by John Loo on 2013-11-02 10:26:15 in reply to Powerful UV light posted by James on 2013-10-29 22:50:16

I've spoken at length with the owner of Solarez, a company down here in the San Diego area that makes a number of products with UV curable resins.

He mentioned that you do need to be a bit picky about the frequency of light that is provided by the flashlight, as the resins can be formulated to cure only with certain frequencies. You can see this if you try to use a CCG UV light to cure Tuffleye, which is designed to cure with blue light (not UV).

Solarez sells a larger UV flashlight as well as a small light:

They also sell fly tying kits (resins + light):

I've been using their hard and flex resins for a number of months, and they seem to do the job. Their resins will also cure with the CCG light, if you want to just use their resins.

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