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Posted by isaac simafanca on 2013-11-02 00:25:19 in reply to email is now working for comments. posted by Steve S on 2013-10-22 11:01:07

Just spent Oct.26,27 trying to fish for the kings at Nimbus Basin..i spent weeks of preparing to fish,got a new rod and reel, practiced new knots,researched areas to fish,found the closest tackle shop,found different techniques to hook that fish of a lifetime..They were there all right!! jumping,, rolling,moving thru the water,20-30 pounders and bigger.. fish so big in so shallow and so clear of water.The only problem was they weren't biting!!After thousands of casts and hundreds of miles of travel to reach this destination,i finally learned how its done so late in the season,,in fact.. a fellow fishermen gave me a few set-ups,, 9&12 ft.leaders with beads and a hook,,he said
"thats how we do it here"later in the day i watched another "angler"hook-up at least 6times and finally had to go over ask what he was doing,,he showed me a lure with a treble hook on it and even showed me how its done!i knew snagging is illegal but everywhere i looked men,women,grandpa,and kids were doing it in some form or another.. and hooking-up!! seems like i was the only one not getting a fish,,i left Sacramento feeling rather disappointed,,why not let the last few days of the salmon season be consumption fishing,,open to any style of fishing with hook and line,with set limits,, the salmon have all stopped eating weeks ago and eventually destined to die..i stuck to my moral ethics about being a responsible and dedicated "fisherman" and chose to leave rather than risk a citation to snag a fish ..i left Sacramento disappointed in myself for being so ignorant after all that preparation..

. like you dreamed of salmon fishing would be like!

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