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Posted by ray hafsten on 2013-10-31 14:28:30 in reply to GLoomis Pro4x vs Sage Motive posted by Mike Q on 2013-10-30 20:21:03

MQ: Motion has not been out that long to have fishing experience...comparison I've done "lawn" casting flyshop with Motion, NRX and by mistake a Pro4x 9 at my fly shop thought it was NRX when I put my Abel Super 9 with Wulff Bermuda Shorts 9 wt line 10 ft leader mock fly. I liked its NRX tip as I am a short stroke tip caster...if I did not roll my own Sage blanks reducing cost but purchased retail "off the peg" and not "bespoke" by me,,,and did not have all my Sage toys already...I'd buy their 350 USA rod with that price point at least the 9 to deviate from your post...the Sage rep was at the shop with all Motions when I was casting every 7-12 Loomis as the shop bought the entire Loomis demos rods at ICAST. I was looking for an easy/light 11wt somewhat between my TCX 10 and 11 Xi3 blank rods. The 11 wt Motion was like casting, for me, my 8wt Xi3...I was using the short head (24 feet) Wulff 11wt line. It was easy, and felt light when casting even with an Abel solid back Super 12 hung on it.

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