Clousering the (outboard) motor

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Posted by Matt Zawacki on 2013-10-29 11:27:18

Until I get the chance to build a casting platform for the back of my new to me boat this winter, and even after I do, I cringe when I or someone else "clousers" the motor so I throw an old sweatshirt or heavy towel over the motor which looks like I am having a yard sale and I have to take it off when moving spot to spot. Does anyone have any suggestions for a neoprene cover or wrap that looks decent, can stay on when moving spot to spot and will not break the bank? I've looked on the internet without success and I thought about getting a couple of those weight loss neoprene wraps that one can get at a sporting goods store for weight loss and wrapping the motor cover with these but this too will probably look hokey. Any suggestions?

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