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Posted by Phil Brna on 2013-10-28 12:04:36 in reply to Re: TSA reels and flies posted by Howard Brown on 2013-10-28 11:31:14

In Bze, they told members of the group to take lines off the reels (but not others). We went back out and then just went back through security later with no problem. :o) I also had a Dr. Slick hook sharpener which was steel and had a rounded edge. I just gave it to the guy who put it in his pocket (this may have been Mexico). The best was Mexico where I had a ziplock bag full of sea salt in my checked baggage. I thought I had won the national lottery for a minute as about 5 guys with guns showed up. :o) Then there was coming back into the US where getting though the screening took me 30 minutes after I got to the front of the line because they could not figure out what I had in my carry on. They x-rayed 5 or 6 times and searched everything but of course would not tell me what they were looking for. It was rite-in-the-rain notebook with a metal spiral binder.

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