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Posted by Ben L. on 2013-10-28 08:15:33 in reply to TSA reels and flies posted by jbass on 2013-10-28 07:51:50

I just got back from the Keys a few weeks ago, flying into Ft Lauderdale, no problem with reels and lines. Flies I won't try - I've been questioned in NY airports before about that when they saw I had rods and reels...conversation went something like:
Them: "Do you have any hooks in your carry-on"
Me: "No sir"
"You answered that too quickly. We'll have to search your bags"
I was dumbfounded - I answered "too quickly?" Why wouldn't I answer quickly? I *knew* I carried no hooks or flies in carry on. The implication is that, at least this TSA guy, would not have let me carry-on any flies. I've heard some people do it, on another board I've heard of someone's trout flies (size 10 and smaller) get confiscated. You take your chances. If I really wanted to hedge my bets, I might take some with me and check in the rest to be safe.

But in all my years flying out of US airports no problem with carry on rods and reels as long as rod cases were small enough to fit in the overhead or under the seat...

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