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Posted by Jay Remley on 2013-10-26 08:14:13

I haven't fished a lot of days but did manage a few trips since August. We had a great salmon season in the Sacramento River fishing with Orland Outfitter guides Tom and Billy in August and September. My youngest son and grandson made it up 3 times, oldest son once and a fishing buddy came with me on a fourth trip. Limited out all 4 trips except the first-1 fish short. Canned over 60 pints and smoked over 15 pounds.

I wanted to get the Jetcraft out and run it so I fished the delta 1 day the end of September. Kinda breezy in the am but did manage to find a few small fish.

Headed to the East coast Oct 1st. Did some pan fishing on Sylvan lake in Luzerne County Pa with my cousin. Got quite a variety. Perch, trout, crappie and bluegill. Beautiful fall weather.

My other cousin and I headed down to the Chesapeake and fished with Walt of LT charters for 2 days out of Crisfield Maryland Eastern Shore.. Did real well the first day fishing around Smith Island. Beautiful weather. You really need to know where you're going and follow the channel markers. There are old breakwaters around that may be inches under the water depending on the tides. The second day was pretty breezy and we fished around Tangier Island in Virginia waters. A lot tougher day but still managed quite a few fish. No monsters but a fun size. I didn't know there were different dialects of english. A warden from Tangier came over to check us out-I'm glad Walt was there to interpret cause I had no idea what the warden was asking us.

We stayed at Capt Tylers Motel-great place. Had some excellent meals in the Circle Inn. They put dumplings in with the cup of peas. Real tasty, It was a great trip and had a real nice time fishing with my cousin. We used to fish together in Pennsylvanis on the first day of trout season. That was more than 30 years ago-brought back some great memories.

Drove down to Emerald Isle NC a week later and fished with Dean Lamont for 3 days. I fished with Dean on the Roanoke in Weldon NC for shad and stripers a few times. Great guy. We fished south of Harkers Island-Cape Lookout for albies. They were pretty cooperative. Landed fish all 3 days. Tuesday was the best weather wise. Wed was a bit breezy as well as thursday morning. The albies were a bit tough thursday pm so we went out to a wreck to see what we could find. Lucked out and got a pretty nice amberjack. I was surprised how small the bait was the albies were eating. Tons of bait around. The military was doing some maneuvers from a big ship. That was interesting to watch. Ospreys and choppers landing on the ship as well as a hovercraft going by.

Again had some excellent food. A great bowl of clam chowder at Capt Choice on Harkers Island. Had dumplings in that too. Not sure what all the hype is about Harkers Island. Not much there. Much better choices of restaurants and motels around Emerald Isle.

Can't wait to get back to the delta and striperfest.


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