Carp--Watch, Wait, Catch

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Posted by Joe R. Ellis on 2013-10-25 18:37:50

Sitting on a high bank above the water I watched the large Carp slowly swim a 30 yard circular lap.. The fish continued to follow the same route several more times at about 1 foot deep to pause occasionally to gently pick something from the surface. I came up with a plan to slide down the steep slope and position myself next to a Salt Cedar when the Carp was facing away. In position I waited and a dark form reappeared on the same route . I put a good lead on the Carp so as not to spook. The Carp swam up to the Floating Hares Ear Nymph , then swam on. I waited and the same scenario repeated. I changed the fly to a Floating Dragonfly Nymph and waited for the Carp to reappear. The cast was made and the Carp swam to the fly to gently take it in from the surface film. Hookset- flyline and backing rapidly left the reel. A long fight, photo, then the Mirror Carp was returned to the water. They are truly a great sportfish worthy of respect!

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