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Posted by Rich Thiel on 2013-10-24 20:45:05 in reply to Re: What do you think about the moon? posted by KD on 2013-10-24 17:26:56

KD (Kevin?) Below is just about LM topwater best time for a Trophy/8lb or better.

Water temperature is one of the main factor. Topwater can start at around 58 degree's usually around March 15th. LM will start to Spawn around 48-50 dgrees Feb 15th after the last Alaskan Cold Front come's thru. Once the water its 60 the big girls are up and doing their thing. As the water gets warmer and sunny'r by the day (no Cloud cover) the big girls will go back down to their comfort zone and only feed in early morning or late evening (their are exceptions, low percentage tho). High Percentage would be between March 15th and June 15th.

Once the water hits 65dgrees and beyond the spawn is over usually after June 1st. July and August you have one heck of a topwater bite but your talking about 3-5lb average fish. after Aug, dink bite.

How to get LM after Aug. Below is a time saver for you. You won't to fish two hrs before and two hrs after a FULL MOON. Has I mentioned above about water temps is the reason. You want to fish POINTS ONLY with current. Center of berms you will fine the dinks (Currently). The big girls can hold in the current or just out of it (their not built like Stripers). They sit just behind something or object (Wood) in attack position, head facing or looking out towards the current). Reasoning, energy saver. Like I said above, their not built for current, Smallmouth yes, LM NOT.

The Berms you want to fish have to relate NEAR DEEP WATER with a ledge atleast 10ft. Rock walls or main levee's you will find the big girls only during the spawn usually in Sloughs with sharp corner's 45degees or better. You will find them on the inside at hight (Weed Bed) or on the outside (Log or Pipe (Low profile ones intake pipe).

For Striper's Ive caught them down too 50degrees after that its lights out it seem to me...I fished for them with a Lunker Punker for yrs...Know that I have retired totally from LM with artificial lures and sold my boat, I know just fly fish for Striper's, Steelhead, Salmon and American Shad, This cover's most of the Year.

If you have any questions just give me a call and I'll try and explain in alittle more detail in what too look for, and for you Lake Flyfishermen the months and water temps still apply.....Its just the structure is different....Someone say Long extended POINTS.

Rich Thiel
Retired Guide

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