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Posted by KD on 2013-10-24 17:26:56 in reply to Re: What do you think about the moon? posted by Rich Thiel on 2013-10-24 14:28:15

i haven't seen(just my perspective, right or wrong) where the big moon and subsequent tide swings have shown to be as big an impact on the bite activity as with Stripers(other than where you find them). I am not fishing top to bottom for LmBass as you are. My focus is strictly top water for Lm's. This narrows my window and perspective considerably, good or bad. But the basics are still about water elevation(tide), current pull, cover, etc, etc.. Certainly the big tides are re positioning the fish and where they might hold in a certain area. Water elevation & tides go hand in hand and other elements such as current pull all become part of the equation as well. It can be a very interesting puzzle to decipher at times. A lot to type as you say...

If i was fishing the whole water column for Lm's the impact might be more recognizable to me. I'm looking for very stable environments. Being aware of this repositioning, i do have to move(travel) a lot more on these tides to find the specific Lm habitat i am targeting.

Always looking to learn..

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