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Posted by LeeH on 2013-10-24 13:52:04

I am back from Great Inagua, and perhaps the best fishing trip I have ever had!
I don't have all my pictures yet, but wanted to give a brief report.

With all the fly fishing venues available, GI still ranks at the top of my list, for "my type of fly fishing": All skinny water, flats, sight fishing; and a variety of species. Permit, tarpon, bonefish, snook, etc.

Contrary to the heavy winds that were with us last year, with hurricane Sandy; the weather this year was perfect, with light winds, and the tides were good for part of the week.

I ended up with a number significant fish, for the week:

1. I caught a 20+ lb. permit on the first day, on the first cast! (Who says luck doesn't play a role in flyfishing? Grin!) This permit was caught on a Crusty Crab-Tan, using a #2 Tar 9413 jig hook!

2. I caught my largest bonefish, to date: 8+ lbs.

3. On another day, I had a stellar bonefish day: 23 bonefish with an average size around 4 lbs.!

4. I caught my largest snook : 20+ lbs. (caught on a tan/chart Floating Minnow)

5. I had a great day with tarpon: 9 tarpon, averaging around 20-35 lbs. (All caught on Neutralizers too!)

6. I had the pleasure of introducing my old buddy, Mike Scott, to Great Inagua! Mike traveled all the way from Anchorage to fish with us! (That makes for a long travel day-or two!) Mikes big grin expressed it all!

Here are a few pictures from my camera, and I should have more pictures, and report, soon.


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