Anniversary trip to Alaska with my wife

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Posted by Steve P. on 2013-10-23 16:37:04

Hi guys,

My wife and I have always wanted to visit Alaska. In fact, we were thinking of doing it for our 25th anniversary but number 37 just passed so we're determined to buckle down and do it next summer.

There are vague thoughts about doing a cruise, a cruise with several trips from ports, or flying in and driving, maybe 1 week, maybe 2, but we have not looked into the possibilities. My wife is not a fisherman but she is all for me sampling the fishing a day or 2. There are probably many sights we should be sure to see, etc.

I'm not sure where to start but heck you guys are a wealth of knowledge and I know a lot of you have visited (and fished) Alaska so I'd appreciate your suggestions.


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