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Posted by KD on 2013-10-23 12:24:42 in reply to What do you think about the moon? posted by Bill Kiene on 2013-10-23 00:32:02

If this is about Striper fishing, i have seen a definite pattern to the bite around a full moon on the Delta. It is something that i find consistently tangible unlike all the theories that make my head hurt. It is something that one can anticipate but can't do anything about. i wouldn't bend my brain trying to figure it out either. I'd leave that up to the theorists. Just go fishing. I think it is far more important for an angler to recognize patterns. Patterns are subject to interpretation though. The more time one has looking for patterns the more patterns will show themselves,

Here's a pattern that can be used regarding the big moon. Leading into the full moon the fish tend to feed well starting about 4-5days before full. The bite builds in activity up to full. The day of full and for about 3-4 days after, the bite tends to slow. It is a consistent pattern which was again proven to me and a friend this past week. After the moon, the bite is definitely slower for a few days. The tide swings can still be good but the bite slows. Why?.. i don't have a theory to profess nor do i care. The pattern is all i need to know. I do know that i will be working harder for grabs during this cycle. But, If one was trying to micro manage their fishing time and was looking to take advantage of this pattern i would say to play golf or carve pumpkins for 3 days after the full moon.

This full moon pattern has shown itself to me for Stripers but not so much for LmBass. Fish when you can. It is what it is.

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