2013 Blanton BBQ & Striperfest

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Posted by Matt Havelock on 2013-10-21 19:31:58

Thank you for a tremendous start to the 2013 Striperfest. I have seen many people that have been supporting this event for years and a few first timers as well. To review, the Striperfest & BBQ is Saturday, November 2nd and the fun will commence around 4pm.

This event was founded in 1997 to acknowledge Dan Blanton for all his contributions to fly fishing as well as a “thank you” for establishing this terrific bulletin board. This event is also to recognize all of you for contributing to Dan’s board with such fun and educational fly-fishing information.

Several years ago this event expanded its scope and added a fundraising (raffle) component to raise awareness and “fight the fight” regarding the excessive diversions of water imperiling the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and the fish that depend on this estuary. This amazing raffle, which seems to get bigger every year, is made possible because of all the generous people who donate the high-quality fly-fishing goods and services. The rods, reels, gear and the highly coveted packages of flies produced by some of the fly fishing community’s most creative and skilled tiers makes this event extra special.
This year, things will be run a little different.

We are not selling outside or inside tickets for the raffle this year. The basics are: only those that attend the affair will be able to win a prize. We are ramping down a bit this year since we don't have a big cause to rally against or for; and we want to show our appreciation to all those who have attended the event every year or whenever they could. We will raffle off all the top prizes first to give more folks an opportunity to win one. The BBQ will cost attendees $50 a plate and with the food and drink they'll get one raffle ticket worth $20. So, if you want to enjoy a great BBQ and have a chance to win a fabulous prize, be sure to sign up and BE THERE!

As usual, David Riggs and the entire Sugar Barge team will be hosting the event in their terrific facility on Bethel Island. Once again, Dave’s BBQ Pit will be providing the mouth-watering feast. The cost will be $50.00 per person. Festivities will commence at 4 p.m. with Dave’s BBQ buffet. The raffle will begin approximately 2 hours after the BBQ.

If you plan on attending, please attach your full name to this thread.

Dan and the entire Striperfest team are looking forward to seeing everyone. All newcomers are welcome! If you have any questions, please contact me at matt@aguerhavelock.com.

See you on the 2nd!

Dan Blanton & Cindy Blanton
Rich Grau & Tyler Rosenthal
Matt Havelock
Scott Vaughn
Craig Smith
Lee Rice
James Rector
Tom Vargas, Dan Vargas & Daniel Kitts
David McKenzie and guest
Loretta Strickland & Cathy Case
Bill Martin
Nigel Robson
James Beskal & Joanna Beskal
Barry Williams & Dan Carver
Ray Hutcherson & Keith Nelson
Jeff Eberle and Joe Eberle
Ben Byng, Steve Potter, Paul Gamache & George Strickland
John Fischer & Greg Mau
Andan Bailey & guest
Darryl Davis & Steve Ohrwall
Dave Ahre & Corey Cate
Dennis Vagt
Shawn MacDonald & Lisa MacDonald
Cris Baker & Rod Baker
George Smith, Russ Smith & Eric Smith
Steve Santucci, John Quigley & Julie Quigley
Francisco Rodriguez
Al Tom
Jerry Neuburger & Sturmer White
Noel de Guzman
Doc Ceder
Bob Arwine & Larry Sommerfeld
Sheree Kajiwara & Richard Izmirian
Mike McKenzie
Shiz Nakawatase

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