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Posted by Bill Siler on 2013-10-13 15:27:49

Only been fly fishing a few years, and only get to the delta 3-4 times each fall. Retiring a year ago, what better way to spend a month than to pull my trailer to Sugar Barge and park it next door to Dan. I was able to fish a couple days with him and the information I gained was incredible. I have sat through his delta presentations several times, but getting the information from the front of his boat was priceless. Along with fishing, we shared a few cocktails and hit the local Mexican Restaurant a couple times. In the 10 days or so we were at Sugar Barge together I got a true understanding for Dan's passion and pride for this forum, and now consider him a friend.
Went home Wednesday to take care of some personal business. Came back Friday, bringing my teenage son and his best friend (who lives with us). My son is an accomplished fly fisher, but his friend Chase has only tried it a couple of times. We hit the water Saturday and soon my son boats an 8 lber. A little while later I here Chase yell "hey, hey!" I look over to a bent 8wt. A few minutes later he gets his 1st legal striper, 5 lber. In the few casts they left get in I did grab my biggest LMB ever at 5 lbs. Because Chase is brand new to fishing we spent a lot of time in the Track, where they boated over 50 dinks.
For striper guys a highly recommend an extended stay here at Sugar Barge. I have met some great people, both at the park and on the water. I have another week here, and am enjoying it so much I keep forgetting I am headed off to the Agua Boa Lodge in Brazil November 1st for my first run at peacock bass. If any one sees a green North River aluminum boat with the logo "My Reel Job" pull up and say howdy. And Dan, this morning my wife blessed me with two months next year!

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