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Posted by David M on 2013-10-13 14:32:09

Had the Absolute Pleasure of fishing with Anthony Carruesco today on the Lower Sac. There are a huge amount of Salmon in the river system this year, a very positive and beneficial situation... When you get the chance to fish with someone that really knows the water, it takes it to another level that can honestly be described as "Silly". Modestly we hooked upwards of 45 fish and some of the few that were landed were absolute specimens. If you want to experience this first hand Anthony is your man.

(209) 609-2346

The amount of Salmon in the river is more than I have ever seen, fishing should stay strong for the next month and a half. If anyone out there wants a first hand experience of this river is capable of then you need to track down Anthony for nice little treat.

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