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Posted by Louie the Fish Denolfo on 2013-10-11 15:29:59

My New Zealand Hosting trip is starting to fill up, so I thought I would put the word out here again. Each year for past 6-7 years I have escaped horrible Honolulu to immerse myself totally in fly fishing for big New Zealand trout in Pristine surroundings!
In order to afford this totally irrational act, I offer anglers a bed in my batch in Turangi , NZ, and a chance to fish alongside me , every day, all day, fish till you drop kinda thing. I have pontoon boats, float tubes, a 12 foot dingy, all for me and guests to use on nearby lakes, and we fish all rivers in and outside the Taupo area.
I charge $ 150.00 USA a day, for a solo angler who wants the house all to himself, or $ 125.00 each per day for two anglers, or $ 100 a day each for three anglers. The only extras are we share the cost of food, cooking etc, and all chip in for my SUV fill ups. I have had several guests from this Bulletin Board over the years. And many from my Hawaii TU club, and some from as far away as RI and Florida, and even UK! We catch heaps, since I was a guide there for 20 years, and have been doing this since I left, and so I know a trick or two.
I am not the guide, so I need guys who can fish well on their own, but I am almost always close by, and I make sure my guys all have the right gear and techniques. This period is NZ summer, so dry flies, my cicada fly being a go-to, small nymphs # 14 to # 12, and stripping woolybuggers are most used styles. I can also advise on great NZ saltwater fly fishing for Kahawai, Kingfish, snappers, Maumau, etc.
I can advise on best airlines (only one...Air New Zealand!),
renting cars, getting to my place, other areas you can DIY fish, or local guides if you want to spend the $$$ (most charge around NZ $ 500 to 700+ a day)
Some guests stay a few days, and some weeks, and space is very limited. I was totally full all last year.
You can see all details, photos and two videos on my Facebook fan page at Louie the Fish(artist) or on my website at, on the Fishing Tours page.
Or just email me at or call me at 808 741 5622.
Don't miss out on this deal of a lifetime to fly fish in the land of the Hobbits!

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