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Posted by Louie the Fish Denolfo on 2013-10-11 14:48:48

As some may have heard, we had a disasterous Molasses spill in Honolulu Harbor, which ran out into Keehi lagoon, and killed 26,000 fish, but more importantly killed most of the small critters that bonefish eat in the area. Motson Company was responsible, and have been very quick to offer assistance to any affected. We settled a claim with them very promptly, after the harbor was closed for several weeks. I thought that the bonefish would just vanish, but they are still hanging around, and my son/guide Captain Joaquin has been doing really well on flies. Most of his approach is not so much wading, but casting from our poled boat, even at the higher tides. A client this week from Australia, Luke Goodworth, who had never caught a bonefish before, landed 4 in just a half day trip. just about everyone Joaquin takes out scores at least one bonefish, so fishing in that area is till great. Joaquin has been exploring new spots in that same area, and I joined him a couple days ago. he poled me around a flat, and I hooked 4 in 2 hours and landed two nice bonefish, then I took up the dreaded pole, and Joaquin landed bonefish! By the way, all were hooked on flies I tied!
I hear from Biologists that crustaceans can re-populate an area very quickly, so we hope the good fishing holds up.
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