Autumn on The Delta

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Posted by Jim Solomon on 2013-10-11 12:46:34

We all have tragic episodes sooner or later in our lives. Some don't, but most of us will suffer a lose that turns us upside down, inside and out. You look for answers but there seems to be none. Then you realize that almost everyone has a tragic experience in their lives - some more than others but either way their is pain. There are people, even relatives, who shy away from dealing with your pain, then there are others who step up with a helping hand, an understanding heart. Dan Blanton thank you for three great days on the Delta. You are a "mensch"( Yiddish for a good man - a real good man). Every cast will be etched in my memory and in memory of my son Zach. In the grand picture of life's circle it ain't about the catchin but about the people you spend it with. Dan, thank you for a grand experience. Jim

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