a few Pics of Sydney Harbours season kick off

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Posted by Justin Duggan on 2013-10-10 20:40:32

Spring has well and truly started over here and the usual suspects have turned up. Yesterday the heat punched up to 37 degrees (98.6F) and the fish went nuts.
Friday saw Western Australian Jacques connected to a big yellowtail kingfish (approx 30lb) that took an Enrico Flex Calamari off the surface and then proceeded to leave Jacques bleeding from every orifice as it beat him to a pulp on an 11wt . He had my sage 8010 dialled to E 20 and the fish still kept going through the moorings.........broke 6ft off the front of my brand new rio saltwater..they're pure evil those fish!!
Anyway, the Australian salmon are gorging themselves silly in the bays and the weather is prime.....Love this city:):):)
a few pics from yesterday with Gary and Mike. Mike just finished filming the latest video for pop group One Direction so I guess the sound of boiling fish schools made a welcome change from the sound of thousands of screaming teenage girls!

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